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Iguana Tanks

Iguana TanksDid you know that an Iguana’s growth can be stumped if it is not given the right sized tank to live in? And in some cases they can also die. There are 3 very important factors that are imperative when purchasing an Iguana tank such as, the size of the tank, temperature and UV light. If you have a pet iguana you will want to make sure that all of it’s living quarters are met in order to ensure it’s overall health and well being.

When you house your Iguana you will want to make sure that you buy a tank that is suitable for his/her size. Many iguana’s can grow up to 7 ft. big, so keep that in mind. It is also highly advisable to give them part of a room or even a whole room to themselves in order for them to be able to move around freely. Many iguana tanks are made of a combination of melamine, and glass. Melamine which is used for counter tops, is a material that is superior for holding humidity within the tank. The glass is for the  surroundings of the tank. You should also remember that you will have to upgrade to bigger tanks throughout the years as your iguana begins to grow. It is not like having a fish tank, where you will only need to buy one tank. You should also consider adding some vegetation to the iguana tank or even a small tree. Iguana’s love to climb and also enjoy the scenery.

There are many different types of Iguana tanks available at various pet stores. One important factor to consider when searching for an Iguana tank is to make sure that it has a temperature control switch. It is essential for the Iguana to have a basking temperature of 95°F which is essential for digesting food. The rest of the tank can be kept at a cooler temperature between 70°-80°F.

Another important factor when considering an Iguana tank is to buy one that includes a UV light, or you can provide your own . A great example would be a Mercury Vapor Lamp, which provides this crucial nutrient. Without UV light an Iguana can die of Metabolic Bone Disease, so it is of utmost importance to consider this when housing your iguana. By using these concepts and incorporating them into the Iguana’s tank the Iguana will live in a healthy environment. It will continue to grow and live a long happy life.

Iguana Tanks